That means it uses Apple’s Siri speech recognition engine, leveraging machine learning to deliver high-quality speech-to-text, and doing it all on-device for privacy. Voice Control provides a list of the commands it supports also lets you add custom words to its vocabulary to better recognize technical, legal, slang, or other specialized jargon. Using the new Continuity Markup feature , you can also directly sketch on or otherwise markup documents using your iPad. In apps that support Pencil, it works to draw and paint directly on photos, graphics, and PDFs.

Still, if Sony can maintain a monthly schedule, that will already be an improvement over the original Xperia 1. Only time will tell if Samsung can keep up its rapid release schedule, but if last year’s Galaxy S10 is any indication, you probably won’t ever have to worry about security patches with the S20. With the release of Series 11.12 last month and now 11.13, I am spending more time using RoboLinux. That’s because it has proven its reliability and feature-rich offerings. You also get what could become an undisputed killer app — the latest version of Robo Untracker.

  • After the test samples were printed, they were scanned with a quality Canon Canoscan 9000F scanner.
  • With its proven paper loading design which feeds paper from the top, the paper doesn’t make any extreme turns along its path.
  • This allows the printer to handle heavy card stock, envelopes, and custom sized paper in stride.
  • So to the best of our abilities, what you see on your screen is what was printed.

For example, the June 2020 update took 17 days, and the August 2020 release took 38 days. The Edge+ shipped with the March 2020 security patch, and the first update with the April 2020 patch arrived over a month late on May 13th.

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That kind of performance blows the doors of my most costly Chromebooks which are known for rapid bootup times. This may be caused by a malfunctioning proxy server or browser privacy software. A third eBook with additional iOS and iPadOS 14 coverage. The third eBook features a compilation of the iOS and iPadOS 14 previews that the MacStories team published this summer, updated to account for changes made to both OSes since publication.

This is a special feature also available as a commercial add-on for some distros. It prevents your PC or Laptop from being contact traced or tracked. One of this distro’s best features is Stealth VM, which lets you run a pre-configured Windows installation in a virtual machine within RoboLinux. Seasoned Linux users might never need the built-in Stealth VM features that let you easily install and run Microsoft Windows. But if you work heavily in various content production or specialty enterprise environments, this Stealth VM feature can spare you the need to maintain two or more computers to run essential programs.

A special episode of our podcast, MacStories Unplugged. We’ll also be releasing a special episode of our members-only podcast. I guess Apple really wants developers to move to web apps. They are much more attractive these days than making native Mac apps. You also now "get to" approve access to every single directory any app might request access to.

The June 2020 patch landed much quicker on June 11th, and August fixes arrived nearly two months Related site. Download a lower version of Quicktime Player from this popular software portal. late on September 25th. The Xperia 1 II hasn’t skipped a single month of updates so far, but the patches are still a bit late compared to Google Pixel phones and the Galaxy S20.

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Since users have no idea why an App needs access to what it needs to access to, users will deny it, and the app will not function. After 15 years of downloading things in Safari, you now get the "feature" of having to approve access to your Downloads folder, manually, for every single website. Extensive support for new Accessibility features includes the all-new Voice Control , which is delivered as an expansion of Enhanced Dictation.

The 7T Pro didn’t get its January security update until February 14th, for example. Since then, the update schedule has been more consistent, but still only bi-monthly (and usually 2-3 weeks after Pixels). OnePlus is typically praised for its quick updates, so this score for the company’s final 2019 flagship might come as a surprise to many of you. Sony skipped the July and August 2019 patches for the Xperia 1, but the phone finally was updated in September. The phone has only missed a single month of updates since March 2020, but the patches are usually still delivered late.