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In comparison, the “doggy” position is downright harmless: only 29 percent of penile fractures result from intercourse in this position. The “” missionary position “” apparently also bears a lower risk for the best piece of the man: the risk of breakage is only 21 percent.

Study examines penile ruptures

This is the conclusion reached by scientists and doctors who examined penile ruptures in three Brazilian hospitals in the megacity of Campinas over a period of 13 years.

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What is a so-called “penis fracture”?

And this is what this injury feels like: If you experience sudden, very severe pain during sex, a cavernous body in the penis could be torn. The penis then swells and turns blue. The term “penile fracture” is incorrectly used: there is no bone in the penis that could break. The penile rupture should be operated on as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Almost everyone knows the dating app “” Tinder “”. For people who have certain preferences, there are also some crazy alternatives – including fans of beards, bacon and farmer’s salad.

1. “” Hater “”: I love the one who hates onions

Slow drivers, cargo pants, standing in line – almost everyone has a few things in life that they can’t stand. The dating app “” Hater “” from the USA takes advantage of this rejection. It brings together singles who have an aversion to the same things. “” Meet someone who hates the same stuff as you “” is the greeting in the app.

Registered users are presented with terms relating to objects, people and concepts that they can classify as “” like “”, “” dislike “”, “” love “” and “” hate “” “with a swiping motion. Anyone who hates similar things will then be shown as a potential partner.

The more than 2500 topics also include terms such as “” cut onions “”, “” Christmas music “”, “” bad WLAN “” or the “” loss of a single sock “”. But what do those people who hate dating apps actually do?

2. “” Luxy “”: Money, money, money

The US-based “” Luxy “” app aims to bring like-minded singles together, where “like-minded” means “people who are similarly rich. Anyone who earns $ 200,000 (around 185,000 euros) or more a year can register. Those who cannot keep up financially will be excluded from the service. The app works in a similar way to Tinder – but not only name and age are displayed for a potential match, but also the job position and preferred luxury brands. If that sounds too superficial to you, because the focus is only on money – don’t worry, the appearance of the members also plays a major role in this app …

3. “” Sizzl “”: Let’s go for the bacon

An app according to your taste? This mobile phone program brings bacon lovers together. Depending on how you like your bacon best: slightly browned, nicely crispy or burnt. So after a successful date the next morning there is no discussion about the choice of breakfast.

In addition to name, age, photo and meat preferences, the user also has to ask himself a few questions about his personality when registering: Would he eat the last strip of bacon himself on a date, share it or do without it completely?

Behind the app is the American meat company Oscar Meyer, which cleverly used it as a marketing gag. You can still find your true love via the app, according to the company’s website.

4. “” Bristlr “”: A hairy thing

Karl Marx wore it fluffy, with Magnum it was only above the upper lip and for Horst Lichter it must stand out conspicuously – the beard. Anyone who has one or who likes people with beards (regardless of whether they are men or women) might like the “Bristl” app. People with facial hair should be brought together here with people “who would like to stroke them” “.

Anyone who likes beards might like the “” Bristl “” app (Source: Symbolbild / UberImages / Thinkstock by Getty-Images)

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5. “” DragonFruit App “”: The nerdy the better

This app from a company from New York is great for geeks and nerds who also want a geek or nerd by their side. Then finally the annoyed roll of your eyes disappears when you search a season of “” Game of Thrones “” “” “” “” is busy with “” World of Warcraft “” “” for hours or walking around in Star Trek uniform all day . The app asks every user which “” geek stuff “” they like – the more, the better for the geek level. Users with similar interests are matched with each other. Maybe then soon it will be: “” Beam me up to seventh heaven, Scotty! “”

6. “” Twindog “”: partner for dog and owner

“” Give your dog the unique opportunity to make new friends in the area. “” If you read the description of the “” Twindog “” app, you will get the impression that this app is intended to couple four-legged friends together. But of course, this should also bring their owners into conversation. There are enough topics for such a thing – from dog baskets to dog piles.

There is also a dating app for dog lovers (Source: Symbolbild / bluegame / Thinkstock by Getty-Images)

7. “” Salad-Match “”: Love goes through the stomach

Would you prefer a nice salad or a Greek salad? This app wants to find your “” soul mate “” through salad preferences. Sounds astonishing. No wonder, however: Behind the dating app is an American restaurant chain that specializes in salads.

A little excitement on the first date is part of it. (Photo: archive) You have a date. And sit across from each other in silence. Long. Do you find that strange? Then you’ve probably never been to silent dating. But that’s just one of many strange dating trends. A particularly wacky variant is the so-called speed hating, which more and more couples are enjoying and which can end in fierce verbal battles. But how do the individual methods of getting to know each other work? What advantages do they have when looking for a partner and for whom are they suitable?

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Silent Dating

Talking prohibited. At least when it comes to silent dating. The two candidates sit across from each other and remain silent. Strange, do you think? It can be. However, the organizers want to ensure that we perceive ourselves on a sensual level – and not talk everything to death. Communication takes place only via notes. Can be fun. Downside: I can’t hear the other’s voice. The big dark-haired man’s Latin lover appeal is of no use if he has a Mickey Mouse voice. At all, there can be no talk of getting to know each other. After all, it depends on whether someone listens to me, responds to me and has something to say. Conclusion: Staring definitely has exciting moments and improves perception. But the voice and what is said are part of flirting.

Speed ​​dating

Time? Who still has time today, please? Let’s go for speed dating. Two strangers sit opposite each other for a manageable period of time and have to clarify all relevant questions in a matter of minutes. What you do for a living? Do you have a favourite movie? Children? Next please! If you want to see the other person again, put a small cross behind his name. The organizers evaluate the notes and pass on the contacts for which the crosses matched.

Jumping Dinner

The whole thing is now also available with food. Jumping Dinner is the name of this culinary dating variant. Two singles each take care of the starter, main course or dessert. Each course is taken in a different apartment, in a different constellation. At the end you meet for a common party. It is questionable whether more than just recipes will be exchanged. After all, it is well known that too many cooks spoil the broth – but at least you don’t go home on an empty stomach.

Speed ​​hating

Would you like to screw someone up today? Great, then off to speed hating. Instead of grating licorice, you can pull what it takes from the leather. The best thing: you don’t just swear in the dark, you actually sit across from a human being who you can poison to your heart’s content. This is exactly how you get it back from him or her. So fair play. And who invented it? Of course, the English. Their weird sense of humor doesn’t stop at dating either. It’s always a funny thing. But whether it is a suitable start for the initiation of love remains questionable.

sense of humor

The ideas of the marketing experts range between funny and ridiculous. Sure: love is a strange game and such eventization measures are a good help to increase the fun factor when getting to know each other. In addition, it is of course true that it is sometimes a little relaxed when two strangers meet on a first date. Therefore, such events are definitely recommended for those who have the necessary sense of humor. Whether they actually find a partner is a completely different question. Because with all the noise around it, you quickly lose sight of the essentials.

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When looking for a partner, we often follow certain patterns. (Photo: archive) Some would like a masculine man with a deep voice and broad shoulders. The others prefer a boyish guy in sporty clothes who likes to cook and has nothing to do with housework. Do you always take what you can get or do you hunt according to a specific prey pattern? With our test you can find out which type of man makes you weak and what criteria do you use?

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Singles, watch out, avoid initial mistakes

In percentage terms, Munich has the most lonely hearts. (Photo: imago) Spring is here. The ideal time to go looking for a partner. If you want a particularly large selection, you should move to Munich. 28.8 percent of the city’s 18 to 59-year-old residents live there as singles – that’s around 243,000 single people. This was the result of a survey by the dating agency “” Parship “”. This makes Munich Germany’s single capital. In no German metropolis is the proportion of people without a partner as high as in the Bavarian capital. You can see here which cities Munich referred to the other places:

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German capital in second place

Berlin is just behind Munich in the ranking. Cologne, Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main follow some distance behind. Overall, the proportion of singles in the five largest German cities is well above the national average: almost a fifth of 18 to 59 year olds live without a partner nationwide.

The number of people without a partner is determined

According to “” Parship “”, the number of one-person households was not determined, but the actual number of people who have no steady partner. For the representative study, the Innofact Institute interviewed 2500 people between 18 and 59 years of age.

Are singles too demanding?

Too fat, too small, too little money, too self-confident – the wish list of what dream woman or man should or shouldn’t have is long. Many singles deny that these “” little things “” can be the real reason why you are still solo yourself. It can just be bad luck not to have met the right person or the right person up to now. Singles simply don’t like to hear other possible reasons, as they take a critical and usually painful open view of their own way of life and the established habits.

Better to do

Are you busy at work, travel a lot or do friends have top priority in everything? If you don’t have time, it will be difficult to find a partner. But also your own shyness can put obstacles in the way of the desire for a new love. If you sit at home all the time, you can’t expect the Prince Charming to come by. Going out and having fun is the motto. Then it usually works with a nice acquaintance. For some who have been looking for a partner for a long time, fear of commitment can also be the reason for being alone. They often transfer the experiences they have gathered in previous relationships to the new love and thus make the path to a happy end more difficult.

Anyone can become single

Everyone should be aware of one thing: Even those who live in a partnership can suddenly find themselves alone again. And then you are confronted with your own demands. Singles then have no choice but to get active when they no longer want to be alone. Opportunities need to be created to meet a partner. If you stay on the ball when it comes to finding a partner, with a little patience and perseverance you will certainly be on the way to Mister or Misses Right.

When looking for a partner, we often follow certain patterns. (Photo: archive) Some would like a masculine man with a deep voice and broad shoulders. The others prefer a boyish guy in sporty clothes who likes to cook and has nothing to do with housework. Do you always take what you can get or do you hunt according to a specific prey pattern? With our test you can find out which type of man makes you weak and what criteria do you use?

Online test Which loot scheme do you have?

Singles, watch out, avoid initial mistakes

Bavarian is sexy. (Photo: imago) Yes, you put it down: You can score points with Bavarian when looking for a partner. This is the result of a survey by the online dating agency ElitePartner.de. Around 4,000 people took part. Wiener Schmäh is particularly popular with women. We tell you which dialect has the best chances of flirting.

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