A reputable company will take the time to look into their client’s specific situation before advising whether or not they can actually help them. When the IRS or State has assessed a tax lien against your property that this will damage your credit. Lastly, be on the look-out for those companies which do not offer you a refund or a money-back guarantee. Our tax staff will receive your tax lien prevent it if you just received notice by assisting you to enter tax compliance. Any reputable service that cares about assisting their clients (rather than taking their money) will have some type of refund coverage or money back clause in their agreement. Tax Payment Plan Help. Where Can I Find Tax Relief?

Based on your tax situation, we might advise that you apply for one kind of tax payment program or installment agreement that’s affordable. 18 million Americans have some type of tax obligation, and every year American consumers wind up owing over $450 billion to the IRS! Missing even one tax deadline can result in severe consequences and developing distress over time. This will allow you pay your taxes off over time (series of yearly payments). The IRS can seize your assets They can put a lien on your own bank accounts They can garnish income from the salary, retirement, and social security The IRS will hold on your future tax refunds. Back taxes can be the result of outstanding state tax or Federal (IRS) individual or business taxes.

Consumers have a number of options to address their issues based on their unique situation. It can be accompanied by tax liens, levies, garnishment and seizure. Usually, the IRS has 10 years to collect delinquent taxes. We’ll identify, research, and solve your back tax problems to put you into compliance with the IRS or State.

But, according to the IRS, taxpayers that are up to date on their taxes are more likely to pay in the future. Offer In Compromise. That is the reason why the IRS has employed several tax relief programs to assist those which are struggling with tax issues. If your financial situation permits, our tax professionals may recommend an Offer In Compromise, that is offered from the IRS and a few States.

These programs are win for both taxpayers and the IRS: the IRS will get some portion of their funds and increase their earnings while citizens settle their delinquent taxes owed and prevent serious consequences. Federally talking, only 41.8percent were approved by the IRS last year. Tax relief options offered by the IRS include the following: This is the way a taxpayer may pay for less or pay less than they owe.

Bank Levy Release: If you spend money on the IRS, they can seize your assets, including any bank accounts in your name, and even your hard-earned wages! Even the IRS could discharge a bank levy under certain circumstances: The amount owed has already been compensated An installment agreement is put into place A levy could create economic hardship for the taxpayer If the taxpayer can establish that removing a levy could make it easier for them to cover their taxes Tax Lien Release: The IRS may also place a lien on your assets if you fail to pay your taxes. State Tax Services. This would allow them to show any other creditor that they have first lawful right to your own property! The IRS could release their lien when a taxpayer can show that by doing this, they might pay off their taxes. Many states offer similar tax resolution mechanisms to the IRS. Currently Not Collectible: If you do not qualify for a standard IRS repayment plan but concur that you do spend money on the IRS, then you might be assigned a Currently-Not-Collectible standing (CNC).

We represent and fix individual condition and business tax problems. Under this status, you’re given a while to get your finances back on track. We don’t provide help with property tax problems. Even though the IRS typically won’t levy any resources of those in a CNC standing, they are able to withhold any tax refunds and apply them to the remainder owed.

Unlike other companies, we will supply you with an investigation and financial evaluation for a small fee. Innocent Spouse Relief: If your tax issues are a result of a spouse or former spouse that wrongly reported things on joint tax returns, you may qualify for the Innocent Spouse Relief Program. This a la carte service will help you identity your tax troubles, find out what tax returns need to be filed, how much you owe taxes and penalties, and supply you with tax choices you qualify for based on your financial situation. This program could help you avoid paying unjust penalties and taxes. If you have to submit an amended tax return because of an error you made or as the IRS or State filed a return for you, we can assist. Installment Agreements: If you owe under $50,000 and have paid all previous tax returns, you may qualify for an Installment Agreements.

Tax planning might be supplied in combination with other tax options or alternatives tax relief today. Under this arrangement, you’re provided with a payment plan that spreads out the tax payment over a manageable time period. Tax Debt Settlement. Offer In Compromise: If you cannot afford to pay your taxes, you may qualify for the Offer in Compromise (OIC) Program. Based on your tax situation, people and businesses can sometimes settle with the IRS or State for less than they owe in total. This plan allows taxpayers to pay a lesser amount of their taxes for a particular time period.

If your financial situation allows, you might qualify for penalty abatement, an offer Actually, a portion pay installment agreement, or some other tax settlement mechanism.